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abstract boolean org::jgroups::Channel::getState ( Address  target,
long  timeout 
) throws ChannelNotConnectedException, ChannelClosedException [pure virtual]

Retrieve the state of the group. Will usually contact the oldest group member to get the state. When the method returns true, a SetStateEvent will have been added to the channel's queue, causing receive() to return the state in one of the next invocations. If false, no state will be retrieved by receive().

target The address of the member from which the state is to be retrieved. If it is null, the coordinator is contacted.
timeout Milliseconds to wait for the response (0 = wait indefinitely).
boolean True if the state was retrieved successfully, otherwise false.
ChannelNotConnectedException The channel must be connected to receive messages.
ChannelClosedException The channel is closed and therefore cannot be used any longer. A new channel has to be created first.

Implemented in org::jgroups::JChannel.

Referenced by org::jgroups::blocks::ReplicatedHashMap< K extends Serializable, V extends Serializable >::start(), and org::jgroups::blocks::DistributedHashtable::start().

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