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abstract void org::jgroups::Channel::close (  )  [pure virtual]

Destroys the channel and its associated resources (e.g., the protocol stack). After a channel has been closed, invoking methods on it throws the ChannelClosed exception (or results in a null operation). It is a null operation if the channel is already closed.

If the channel is connected to a group, disconnec()t will be called first.

Implemented in org::jgroups::JChannel, and org::jgroups::mux::MuxChannel.

Referenced by org::jgroups::tests::ConnectTest::testDisconnectConnectSendTwo(), org::jgroups::tests::ConnectTest::testDisconnectConnectTwo(), org::jgroups::tests::Deadlock2Test::testOneChannel(), and org::jgroups::tests::Deadlock2Test::testTwoChannels().

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