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org::jgroups::ViewId Class Reference

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List of all members.

Detailed Description

ViewIds are used for ordering views (each view has a ViewId and a list of members). Ordering between views is important for example in a virtual synchrony protocol where all views seen by a member have to be ordered.

Definition at line 16 of file ViewId.java.

Public Member Functions

Object clone ()
int compare (Object o)
int compareTo (Object other)
ViewId copy ()
boolean equals (Object other_view)
Address getCoordAddress ()
long getId ()
int hashCode ()
void readExternal (ObjectInput in) throws IOException, ClassNotFoundException
void readFrom (DataInputStream in) throws IOException, IllegalAccessException, InstantiationException
int serializedSize ()
String toString ()
 ViewId (Address coord_addr, long id)
 ViewId (Address coord_addr)
void writeExternal (ObjectOutput out) throws IOException
void writeTo (DataOutputStream out) throws IOException

Package Attributes

Address coord_addr = null
long id = 0

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