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boolean org::jgroups::blocks::DistributedLockManager::localRelease ( LockDecree  lockDecree  )  [inline, private]

Releases lock locally.

lockDecree instance of LockDecree describing the lock.

Definition at line 184 of file DistributedLockManager.java.

References org::jgroups::blocks::DistributedLockManager::LockDecree::getKey(), localLock(), removeExpired(), and org::jgroups::blocks::DistributedLockManager::LockDecree::requester.

Referenced by commit().

        // remove expired locks

        LockDecree localLock=
                (LockDecree) heldLocks.get(lockDecree.getKey());

        if(localLock == null) {
            // no lock exist
            return true;
        else if(localLock.requester.equals(lockDecree.requester)) {
            // requester owns the lock, release the lock
            return true;
        // lock does not belong to requester
            return false;

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