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org::jgroups::blocks::TwoPhaseVotingAdapter Class Reference

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Detailed Description

This adapter introduces simple two-phase voting on a specified decree. All nodes in the group receive a decree in "prepare" phase where they expres their opinion on the decree. If all nodes voted positively on decree, next phase "commit" fixes changes that were made in "prepare" phase, otherwise changes are canceled in "abort" phase.

Roman Rokytskyy (rrokytskyy@acm.org)

Robert Schaffar-Taurok (robert@fusion.at)

TwoPhaseVotingAdapter.java,v 1.4 2005/06/08 15:56:54 publicnmi Exp

Definition at line 16 of file TwoPhaseVotingAdapter.java.

Public Member Functions

void addListener (TwoPhaseVotingListener listener)
VotingAdapter getVoteChannel ()
void removeListener (TwoPhaseVotingListener listener)
 TwoPhaseVotingAdapter (VotingAdapter voteChannel)
boolean vote (Object decree, long timeout, VoteResponseProcessor voteResponseProcessor) throws ChannelException
boolean vote (Object decree, long timeout) throws ChannelException

Private Attributes

final VotingAdapter voteChannel


class  TwoPhaseVoteWrapper
class  TwoPhaseWrapper

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