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org::jgroups::protocols::TCP Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jgroups::protocols::TCP:

org::jgroups::protocols::BasicTCP org::jgroups::blocks::BasicConnectionTable::Receiver org::jgroups::protocols::TP org::jgroups::stack::Protocol

List of all members.

Detailed Description

TCP based protocol. Creates a server socket, which gives us the local address of this group member. For each accept() on the server socket, a new thread is created that listens on the socket. For each outgoing message m, if m.dest is in the ougoing hashtable, the associated socket will be reused to send message, otherwise a new socket is created and put in the hashtable. When a socket connection breaks or a member is removed from the group, the corresponding items in the incoming and outgoing hashtables will be removed as well.
This functionality is in ConnectionTable, which isT used by TCP. TCP sends messages using ct.send() and registers with the connection table to receive all incoming messages.
Bela Ban

Definition at line 27 of file TCP.java.

Public Member Functions

void destroy ()
Object down (Event evt)
boolean downThreadEnabled ()
Map< String, Object > dumpStats ()
void enableStats (boolean flag)
String getBindAddress ()
int getBindPort ()
boolean getBindToAllInterfaces ()
String getChannelName ()
long getConnExpireTime ()
Executor getDefaultThreadPool ()
ThreadFactory getDefaultThreadPoolThreadFactory ()
Protocol getDownProtocol ()
int getEndPort ()
long getIncomingKeepAliveTime ()
int getIncomingMaxPoolSize ()
int getIncomingMaxQueueSize ()
long getIncomingMessages ()
int getIncomingMinPoolSize ()
int getIncomingPoolSize ()
int getIncomingQueueSize ()
String getInfo ()
Address getLocalAddress ()
int getMaxBundleSize ()
long getMaxBundleTimeout ()
String getName ()
long getNumBytesReceived ()
long getNumBytesSent ()
long getNumMessagesReceived ()
long getNumMessagesSent ()
long getOOBKeepAliveTime ()
int getOOBMaxPoolSize ()
int getOOBMaxQueueSize ()
long getOOBMessages ()
int getOOBMinPoolSize ()
int getOOBPoolSize ()
int getOOBQueueSize ()
Executor getOOBThreadPool ()
ThreadFactory getOOBThreadPoolThreadFactory ()
int getOpenConnections ()
Properties getProperties ()
ProtocolStack getProtocolStack ()
long getReaperInterval ()
java.util.List getReceiveInterfaces ()
java.util.List getSendInterfaces ()
String getSingletonName ()
int getStartPort ()
ThreadFactory getThreadFactory ()
String getThreadNamingPattern ()
TimeScheduler getTimer ()
ThreadFactory getTimerThreadFactory ()
Protocol getUpProtocol ()
ConcurrentMap< String, ProtocolgetUpProtocols ()
void init () throws Exception
boolean isDefaulThreadPoolEnabled ()
boolean isDiscardIncompatiblePackets ()
boolean isEnable_unicast_bundling ()
boolean isEnableBundling ()
boolean isLoopback ()
boolean isOOBThreadPoolEnabled ()
boolean isReceiveOnAllInterfaces ()
boolean isSendOnAllInterfaces ()
boolean isUseIncomingPacketHandler ()
void postUnmarshalling (Message msg, Address dest, Address src, boolean multicast)
void postUnmarshallingList (Message msg, Address dest, boolean multicast)
String printConnections ()
String printStats ()
Vector< Integer > providedDownServices ()
Vector< Integer > providedUpServices ()
void receive (Address sender, byte[] data, int offset, int length)
Vector< Integer > requiredDownServices ()
Vector< Integer > requiredUpServices ()
void resetStats ()
void retainAll (Collection< Address > members)
void send (Address dest, byte[] data, int offset, int length) throws Exception
void sendToAllMembers (byte[] data, int offset, int length) throws Exception
void sendToSingleMember (Address dest, byte[] data, int offset, int length) throws Exception
void sendUpLocalAddressEvent ()
void setBindAddress (String bind_addr) throws UnknownHostException
void setBindPort (int port)
void setBindToAllInterfaces (boolean flag)
void setConnExpireTime (long conn_expire_time)
void setDefaultThreadPool (Executor thread_pool)
void setDefaultThreadPoolThreadFactory (ThreadFactory factory)
void setDiscardIncompatiblePackets (boolean flag)
void setDownProtocol (Protocol down_prot)
void setEnable_unicast_bundling (boolean enable_unicast_bundling)
void setEnableBundling (boolean flag)
void setEndPort (int end_port)
void setIncomingKeepAliveTime (long time)
void setIncomingMaxPoolSize (int size)
void setIncomingMinPoolSize (int size)
void setLoopback (boolean b)
void setMaxBundleSize (int size)
void setMaxBundleTimeout (long timeout)
void setOOBKeepAliveTime (long time)
void setOOBMaxPoolSize (int size)
void setOOBMinPoolSize (int size)
void setOOBThreadPool (Executor oob_thread_pool)
void setOOBThreadPoolThreadFactory (ThreadFactory factory)
boolean setProperties (Properties props)
boolean setPropertiesInternal (Properties props)
void setProtocolStack (ProtocolStack stack)
void setReaperInterval (long reaper_interval)
void setStartPort (int start_port)
void setThreadFactory (ThreadFactory factory)
void setTimerThreadFactory (ThreadFactory factory)
void setUpProtocol (Protocol up_prot)
void start () throws Exception
boolean statsEnabled ()
void stop ()
String toString ()
Object up (Event evt)
boolean upThreadEnabled ()

Protected Member Functions

ConnectionTable getConnectionTable (long reaperInterval, long connExpireTime, InetAddress bindAddress, InetAddress externalAddress, int startPort, int endPort, PortsManager pm) throws Exception
TP getTransport ()
void handleConfigEvent (Map< String, Object > map)
void handleConnect () throws Exception
void handleDisconnect ()
Object handleDownEvent (Event evt)
void passToAllUpProtocols (Event evt)
final void receive (Address dest, Address sender, byte[] data, int offset, int length)
void setThreadNames ()
void unsetThreadNames ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static ExecutorService createThreadPool (int min_threads, int max_threads, long keep_alive_time, String rejection_policy, BlockingQueue< Runnable > queue, final ThreadFactory factory)

Protected Attributes

InetAddress bind_addr = null
String channel_name = null
long conn_expire_time = 0
boolean discard_incompatible_packets = false
Protocol down_prot = null
int end_port = 0
InetAddress external_addr = null
ThreadFactory global_thread_factory = null
Address local_addr = null
final Log log = LogFactory.getLog(this.getClass())
final HashSet< Addressmembers = new HashSet<Address>(11)
boolean persistent_ports = false
String persistent_ports_file = null
PortsManager pm = null
long pm_expiry_time = 30000L
final Properties props = new Properties()
long reaper_interval = 0
ProtocolStack stack = null
int start_port = 7800
boolean stats = true
String thread_naming_pattern = "cl"
TimeScheduler timer = null
ThreadFactory timer_thread_factory
Protocol up_prot = null
View view = null

Package Functions

void receive (Address sender, byte[] data, int offset, int length)

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Package Attributes

byte[] additional_data = null
int bind_port = 0
int connect_count = 0
ThreadFactory default_thread_factory = null
String diagnostics_addr = ""
int diagnostics_port = 7500
final DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(in_stream)
boolean enable_bundling = false
boolean enable_diagnostics = true
boolean enable_unicast_bundling = true
TpHeader header
final ExposedByteArrayInputStream in_stream = new ExposedByteArrayInputStream(new byte[]{'0'})
IncomingMessageHandler incoming_msg_handler
Queue incoming_msg_queue = null
IncomingPacketHandler incoming_packet_handler = null
Queue incoming_packet_queue = null
int init_count = 0
int linger = -1
boolean loopback = false
int max_bundle_size = 65535
long max_bundle_timeout = 20
final String name = getName()
long num_bytes_received = 0
long num_bytes_sent = 0
long num_incoming_msgs_received = 0
long num_msgs_received = 0
long num_msgs_sent = 0
long num_oob_msgs_received = 0
int num_timer_threads = 4
ThreadFactory oob_thread_factory = null
Executor oob_thread_pool
boolean oob_thread_pool_enabled = true
long oob_thread_pool_keep_alive_time = 30000
int oob_thread_pool_max_threads = 10
int oob_thread_pool_min_threads = 2
BlockingQueue< Runnable > oob_thread_pool_queue = null
boolean oob_thread_pool_queue_enabled = true
int oob_thread_pool_queue_max_size = 500
String oob_thread_pool_rejection_policy = "Run"
int peer_addr_read_timeout = 1000
ThreadGroup pool_thread_group = new ThreadGroup(Util.getGlobalThreadGroup(), "Thread Pools")
int port_range = 1
List< NetworkInterface > receive_interfaces = null
boolean receive_on_all_interfaces = false
int recv_buf_size = 150000
int send_buf_size = 150000
List< NetworkInterface > send_interfaces = null
boolean send_on_all_interfaces = false
int send_queue_size = 10000
String singleton_name = null
boolean skip_suspected_members = true
int sock_conn_timeout = 2000
boolean suspect_on_send_failure = false
final BoundedList< Addresssuspected_mbrs = new BoundedList<Address>(20)
boolean tcp_nodelay = false
Executor thread_pool
boolean thread_pool_enabled = true
long thread_pool_keep_alive_time = 30000
int thread_pool_max_threads = 10
int thread_pool_min_threads = 2
BlockingQueue< Runnable > thread_pool_queue = null
boolean thread_pool_queue_enabled = true
int thread_pool_queue_max_size = 500
String thread_pool_rejection_policy = "Run"
boolean use_concurrent_stack = true
boolean use_incoming_packet_handler = true
boolean use_local_host = false
boolean use_send_queues = true

Static Package Attributes

static NumberFormat f
static final byte LIST = 1
static final byte MULTICAST = 2
static final byte OOB = 4

Private Attributes

ConnectionTable ct = null

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