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boolean org::jgroups::protocols::TransportedVectorTime::lessThanOrEqual ( TransportedVectorTime  other  )  [inline]

Checks if this TransportedVectorTime is less than or equal to the the specified TransportedVectorTime. The check is done as follows:

VT1<=VT2 iff for every i:1..k VT1[i]<=VT2[i]

other TransportedVectorTimebeing compared with this.
true if this TransportedVectorTimeis less than or equal from other, false othwerwise

Definition at line 113 of file TransportedVectorTime.java.

References getValues(), and values.

Referenced by org::jgroups::protocols::CAUSAL::addToDelayQueue().

      int[] b = other.getValues();
      int[] a = values;
      for (int k = 0; k < a.length; k++)
          if (a[k] < b[k])
              return true;
          else if (a[k] > b[k])
              return false;
       return true; // equals ?!?

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