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org::jgroups::util::RspList Class Reference

Inherits java::util::Map< org::jgroups::Address, org::jgroups::util::Rsp >.

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Contains responses from all members. Marks faulty members. A RspList is a response list used in peer-to-peer protocols. This class is unsynchronized

Definition at line 15 of file RspList.java.

Public Member Functions

void addNotReceived (Address sender)
void addRsp (Address sender, Object retval)
void addSuspect (Address sender)
void clear ()
boolean containsKey (Object key)
boolean containsValue (Object value)
Object elementAt (int i) throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Set< Map.Entry< Address, Rsp > > entrySet ()
Rsp get (Object key)
Object getFirst ()
Vector< Object > getResults ()
Vector< AddressgetSuspectedMembers ()
Object getValue (Object key)
boolean isEmpty ()
boolean isReceived (Address sender)
boolean isSuspected (Address sender)
Set< AddresskeySet ()
int numReceived ()
int numSuspectedMembers ()
Rsp put (Address key, Rsp value)
void putAll (Map<?extends Address,?extends Rsp > m)
Rsp remove (Object key)
void reset ()
 RspList (Collection< Rsp > responses)
int size ()
String toString ()
Collection< Rspvalues ()

Package Functions

boolean contains (Address sender)

Package Attributes

final Map< Address, Rsprsps = new HashMap<Address,Rsp>()

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