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org::jgroups::ChannelListener Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jgroups::ChannelListener:

org::jgroups::blocks::PullPushAdapter org::jgroups::blocks::PullPushShunTest org::jgroups::blocks::RpcDispatcher org::jgroups::ChannelListenerAdapter org::jgroups::demos::Draw org::jgroups::demos::Gossip org::jgroups::tests::ChannelCallbackTest org::jgroups::tests::RpcDispatcherMultiplexerTest org::jgroups::tests::RpcDispatcherShunTest

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Detailed Description

Allows a listener to be notified when important channel events occur. For example, when a channel is closed, a PullPushAdapter can be notified, and stop accordingly.

Definition at line 10 of file ChannelListener.java.

Public Member Functions

void channelClosed (Channel channel)
void channelDisconnected (Channel channel)
void channelReconnected (Address addr)
void channelShunned ()

Package Functions

void channelConnected (Channel channel)

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