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org::jgroups::Receiver Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jgroups::Receiver:

org::jgroups::MessageListener org::jgroups::MembershipListener org::jgroups::blocks::NotificationBus org::jgroups::ExtendedReceiver org::jgroups::ReceiverAdapter org::jgroups::blocks::ReplicatedHashMap< K extends Serializable, V extends Serializable > org::jgroups::ExtendedReceiverAdapter org::jgroups::demos::ViewDemo org::jgroups::tests::ChannelCallbackTest org::jgroups::tests::perf::transports::JGroupsTransport org::jgroups::tests::RoundTrip org::jgroups::tests::RoundTripMulticast org::jgroups::tests::TokenTest org::jgroups::tests::UnicastLoopbackTest::MyReceiver

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Detailed Description

Defines the callbacks that are invoked when messages, views etc are received on a channel
Bela Ban
Receiver.java,v 1.1 2005/11/08 10:40:16 belaban Exp

Definition at line 8 of file Receiver.java.

Public Member Functions

void block ()
byte[] getState ()
void setState (byte[] state)
void suspect (Address suspected_mbr)

Package Functions

void receive (Message msg)
void viewAccepted (View new_view)

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