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org::jgroups::Transport Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jgroups::Transport:

org::jgroups::Channel org::jgroups::stack::ProtocolStack org::jgroups::tests::GroupRequestPull org::jgroups::blocks::GroupRequestTest::MyDelayedTransport org::jgroups::JChannel org::jgroups::mux::MuxChannel

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Detailed Description

Defines a very small subset of the functionality of a channel, essentially only the methods for sending and receiving messages. Many building blocks require nothing else than a bare-bones facility to send and receive messages; therefore the Transport interface was created. It increases the genericness and portability of building blocks: being so simple, the Transport interface can easily be ported to a different toolkit, without requiring any modifications to building blocks.

Definition at line 15 of file Transport.java.

Public Member Functions

Object receive (long timeout) throws Exception

Package Functions

void send (Message msg) throws Exception

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