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org::jgroups::blocks::VoteResponseProcessor Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for org::jgroups::blocks::VoteResponseProcessor:

org::jgroups::blocks::DistributedLockManager org::jgroups::blocks::VotingAdapter

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Detailed Description

VoteResultProcessor Applications that use the VotingAdapter and/or TwoPhaseVotingAdapter can pass an implementation of this down the vote calls, to intercept processing of the VoteResults returned by other nodes. See the source of org.jgroups.blocks.DistributedLockManager for an example implementation.

Robert Schaffar-Taurok (robert@fusion.at)
VoteResponseProcessor.java,v 1.2 2005/07/17 11:36:40 chrislott Exp

Definition at line 16 of file VoteResponseProcessor.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean processResponses (RspList responses, int consensusType, Object decree) throws ChannelException

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